10 µl (0.1 – 10 µl) MiniFlex Round

0.1µL – 10µL
This product is available in various packaging configurations

  • Universal fit for all ultra-micro pipettors.
  • 45mm length for access to the bottom of narrow vessels and gel wells.
  • 2ul graduation for quick volume check.
  • Use tips with 0.37mm O.D. for loading 0.4mm thick gels.
  • Use tips with 0.17mm O.D. for loading 0.2mm thick gels.

Product Description

Catalog # Description Packaging Details
15100 Natural, Polypropylene Non-Sterile, Racked, 200 Tips/Pack, 4 Packs/Case, Flex Rack
15110 Natural, Polypropylene, Sterile Sterile, Racked, 200 Tips/Pack, 4 Packs/Case, Flex Rack

Certified RNase/DNase Free
Certified Human DNA Free
Certified PCR Inhibitor Free
Certified Pyrogen Free

Additional Information



Volume Range

0.1-10 µl

Grad Lines

2 µl


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