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Quality Assurance


Finest raw materials and precise production techniques



All products are manufactured from the finest raw materials using precise production techniques that provide consistent quality performance. All primary products are made from virgin polymers and contain no recycled, reprocessed, or altered plastics that might introduce contamination or defects.


Every lot of each product can be traced to the corresponding raw materials and production date. In addition to continual in-process control monitoring, all product lots are sampled after packaging and tested in our quality control laboratory as well as independent laboratories. 

The result is a contaminant-free product of the highest quality.






Sustainable development




Sorenson BioScience has several certifications related to its environmental actions:   
ISO 9001 - 14001 certification   
ISO 13485 certification   
EnergyStar label  
AEO certification

Learn more about EnergyStar label:

Founded in 1992 in the United States, the EnergyStar label is managed by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA).   
This label is not mandatory, but Sorenson voluntarily complies with it since 2016. They are in the top 25% for the most minor energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions, compared to companies of similar size. 



Recycled polypropylene


Sorenson Bioscience strives to offer innovative green products, for many years now.

  • Creating the first paperboard pipet tip racks in 2008
  • These racks can easily be recycled with classic paper waste
  • The paperboard comes from sustainable forests, and the printing is made from soy and vegetal inks


The use of materials from internal recycling is preferred whenever possible.
Here are some products made from recycled material:

  • 1000ul, 200ul BH/NX and 200ul standardization tips are manufactured using recycled polypropylene; just like pipet tip racks for 10ul and 200ul size tips
  • Cluster tubes are made from recycled polystyrene


Sorenson promotes the circular economy, for example by reusing pipet tip racks.
You can choose between several reload formats:

  • QuickRack Reload
  • Sorenson Platinum Reload
  • MultiRack Reload




Sorenson BioScience invests in greener manufacturing proceeds.

In these last 10 years, two-thirds of their hydraulic injection molding machines have been replaced by electric machines. They use 60% less energy and don’t require using hydraulic liquid.

Cold runner molds have been replaced by hot runner molds, which produce less material waste. They also produce more in the same amount of time. All these benefits allow Sorenson to remain cost competitive.

Every step of the production until the sterilization happens within a 15km radius. It reduces costs and emissions due to transportation.




  • Energy: the electricity used by Sorenson is provided by Murray City, which uses 50% of renewable energy
  • Water: closed loop water allows them to recycle water instead of replacing it
  • Recycling / reusing: the waste produced is either ground and remolded or sold to a recycling company
  • Expired products are donated to high schools, recycled, or sold to a recycling company
  • The cardboard is made from 75% of recycled materials
  • Sorenson BioScience keeps working towards a better future, by extending its range of recycled and recycling products and packaging. They always search for ways to reduce their environmental impact and they have a team specially dedicated to sustainability, health, and safety.
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