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Mµltiguard barrier tips

  • Sterilized Filtered tips, natural color
  • Ideal for PCR, DNA Amplification and radioisotope handling
  • Inert, the hydrophobic barrier prevents pipettor contamination
  • Universal fit on research-grade pipettors
  • Certified as DNAse, RNAse, PCR inhibitor and ADN free
  • Available in standard or low binding version (for more information, see the files section)
  • Two packaging options : standard racked tips with lift off lid or reusable MultiRack with hinged lid




Ultra micro and standard tips

  • Universal fit on research grade pipettors
  • Unfiltered tips (for filter tips, please see MµltiGuard™ Barrier Tips)
  • Accurate, precise and reliable
  • Exceptionnal clarity
  • Extended length tips to reach bottom of tubes
  • Available in standard or low binding version
  • Certified as DNAse,RNAse, PCR inhibitor, DNA free



One Touch tips

  • Tips manufacturing from two resins providing a soft color coded top collar and a rigid ulta-clear polypropylene body
  • Reduces muscular fatigue : requires less pressure to create an optimal seal and less ejection force
  • Leakproof seal and optimal accuracy : Ideal for multichannel pipettes
  • Two packaging options : Cellrack or ecological paperboard rack, E-dek
  • Soft seal reduces pipettor wear
  • Rigid resin at the end of the tip produces straight tips
  • Graduated. Extended length and greater volume
  • Make your existing pipettor an ergonomic pipettor



Gel loading tips

  • Very high precision fine capillary tips for gel loading
  • Universal fit on research-grade pipettors
  • Certified as RNAse,RNAse, PCR inhibitor and ADN free
  • Loaded into an autoclaved rack with lid for 200 tips
  • 83 mm (200 µl) or 45 mm (10 µl) length for access to bottom of narrow vessels and gel wells
  • 5 µl (200 µl) or 2 µl (10 µl) graduation for volume QuickCheck
  • Two type of end available :
    - Rounded-end tips, particularly suitable for SDS PAGE gels
    - The flat-end spatula tips, recommended for sequencing gels



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